I can…you can, we can abolish nuclear weapons.

Dear World Leaders, 

I’m 11 years old.

These nuclear weapons have affected land, water, air and human life. Thousands of people have died terrible deaths because of these nuclear bombs. Millions have suffered.   It’s got to stop now!

There are only nine countries still involved or who own nuclear weapons including Russia, France, China, USA, Israel, Pakistan, U.K, Nth. Korea and India.

You owe it to the world to get the weapons off high alert. It would be the start of peace process that will lead to the abolishment of nuclear weapons.

I want my future looking positive. I don’t want to grow up living with the threat of nuclear war: no food and crops, water sources, air pollution and death and disease threatening my future. I don’t want this for my generation or for future generations.

There are only 27000 nuclear weapons left in the world. There should be zero!

Make peace. Stop Nuclear weapons. Everyone can make a difference.



One thought on “I can…you can, we can abolish nuclear weapons.

  1. This is a fabulous response Skippy. I have sent this and the other letters from the blog, to the PM Mr Kevin Rudd. I hope he writes back.

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