Coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m am so busy these days i have no time spare.

I don’t seem to be getting any more time soon. My calendar is full.

  • I have netball every Saturday and if it is at our home ground there is an event afterwards.                            
  • I have church on Sunday sometimes. A lot of the time we are too busy to go.
  • It’s nearly the end of term so we have projects to finish and work that needs completing.
  • Our Melbourne camp is coming up in August. We get back the day before my birthday. Hows that for an early birthday present.
  • There is a ’88 reunion which Mum and Dad are going to.

One thought on “Coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hey Georgia join the gang!!! I know how you feel. My life is crazy too and it keeps getting busier and crazier as you get older. Just keep working your way through step by step and if some things dont get done, it doesnt really matter. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

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