Why Skippy?

People wonder why Skippy? hmmmn.

The day before we got asked what do you want your blogs name to be i was watching this show where kangaroos were eating crops. Then one ofthe character go “Shoot skippy no way!” and i thought it was pretty cool so i kept saying it the next day. So my friends decided Skippy can be my new nick-name. That day we were asked what do you want your blog name to be. That’s the first thing that came in my mind.

I know, I named my blog after a line in a show. People think i’m stupid. I know!!!!!!

One thought on “Why Skippy?

  1. HEYY Georgia

    We love your blog! we’re doing a project on china to!

    we have some questions well what is buddy blogging? and what is polldaddy and how is it used?
    do u have any pets? do u have any interests? well like tennis(georgie) and i like running and tennis (pashi)
    please send us a comment our blog it is http://richmondpsinventors.globalstudent.org.au

    hope we will talk to u again from Pashi and Georgie (lol) xoxo

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