What I want to do!

Before i die i want to travel around the world! I would like to see more of Australia and the world! I would especially like to go to Japan, Africa and France. Firstly I would like to finish uni, work as a journalist and then travel. i would like to take one of my friends with me. I wouldn’t like to travel around the world by myself.

One of the reasons why i would like to travel is because i like to look and be in beautiful and different nature. When I’m at home i like to take pictures of the sunset and then try and draw it. I love looking at the sunset and the nature around me! So it would be nice to observe some other nature around the globe!

4 thoughts on “What I want to do!

  1. Well, Skippy, start saving your money as it gets more expensive every year to travel the world. Also start planning where you want to go. I am lucky enough to have done three trips around the world and visited most continents of the world.

  2. i would like to travel the world too. i have never been to Australia but i have always wanted to go there, Japan seems like a nice place, i makes me think of New York. i live in Cunneticut, it is a quiet place to live. have you ever been to the U.S? if not you should really go, if you have where? i wuld love to go to France and see the sites, also i would like to go to Ireland, Italy,Greece,and a lot more of places as well. i like nature too, i love the animals in different places.


    good luck with the travel.

  3. Hi, I am soooooooo sorry that I have been ignoring you but now I will start to talk to you now. So do you like animals. I do I love animals very much. IF you asked me to tell you what my fave animal was I could not tell you because, I love every single kind of animal in the world. But that is were the black pitbull that lives in the back of my house, he is always jumping the fence. Well I have to go now talk to you later. BYE!!!!!!

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