Holidays over already!

Don’t you just enjoy the holidays! But they go way too fast for my likings! As the saying goes ‘Time flies when you’re having fun!’ I always dread the first day back, even though you get to meet all friends! Seriously, who wants to work after they’ve been on holidays.

On my holidays my cousins which I normally don’t see often came down for a couple days to stay with us. The live in the city so they find the country very interesting. The wildlife and scenery is very different. That’s what I love about the country. It’s so peaceful that you can always hear birds.

After they left we went to Melbourne to catch up with the rest of our cousins. It was really great to see them! They have sooooo MUCH energy! They could run for hours and still they haven’t raised a sweat.

another Holiay

3 thoughts on “Holidays over already!

  1. Hey Georgia

    Your blog is awesome. It has the same background as mine! Where abouts in Australia do you live? Your lucky you get to go on camp every year. I’ve only been on three – one in grade three, Narnu Farm, one in grade 5, Woodhouse, and this year at El Shaddai. I didnt go last year because I went to New Zealand with the choir. What do you need to do for your blogging challenge? Just comment on a couple blogs?

    From Kris 🙂

  2. Hi Georgia
    I think the holidays went far too quickly. I didn’t go away on holiday, but it was just nice to relax & do things when I wanted to – not when the siren said I could!

  3. G’day Georgia,
    Thought I would leave a comment so you get a dot from Tasmania, Australia.

    Have you been visiting my classblog to check out the challenges each week? If not, click on my avatar which will take you to my blog, then above the avatar on the page are some links to September Challenges.

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