My Classes

It’s nearly the end of the week and I’ve been told to reflect on the class I had throughout the week. In Maths we have been learning about index laws. I’ve just started to get some more difficult questions and have needed some help. But after some help I think I’ve got it. Sometimes I can make some silly mistakes but I’ve got the idea of how to do them. In Studio Arts (ceramics) we have started drawing pictures of ourselves. We are eventually going to use these pictures on tiles.

Studio Arts and Maths are only 2 of many subjects I’ve had this week. Next week I’ll right about some of my other subjects I have.

One thought on “My Classes

  1. Well Georgia, It is so great to know that you are getting your work done, It can be very hard sometimes but i know you can get everything! after all your Georgia Huglin! 🙂

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