What would we do without technology

This week I’ve learnt how reliable our society has become on technology and how different and challenging life is without it. After there was a fire at our local Telstra station our area has been offline for over a week. With no phone lines, limited and dorpping in and out mobile service and no internet life has been very interesting. People are going crazy. Those facebook addicts are having major withdrawl symptoms. Reception staff are finding their job very boring; waiting for the phone to ring but it never does. People can’t pay their bills, can’t get money out, can’t fill their car up with petrol, shops have limited eftpos and people are unable to contact others.

I’ve only recently been back online again and I can say it was a sigh of relief. There was so many questions I wanted to ask google. Times when I simply would just say “I’ll google it” I wasn’t able to.

Our society has become so reliable of technology that when we go without it the world as we know seems to stop running.

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