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Here is a bit about my life! 

I live in a small rural town.  At the back of my house there used to be a railway station which my Mum and her sisters worked on.

When I was younger and Mum and Dad went to work at the school I had to go to my Aunty Chris’s house. I remember I used to run up and down her hallway making heaps of noise. Mum and Chris always tell me that when Mum dropped me off in the morning I used to cry and scream “I don’t want to go!” 

When I was 3, I went to 3 year old kinder. I loved when we did painting. I thought the pictures that I’d painted were awesome. I also remember I used to come home with paint on my clothes. I would always wear an art smock when I was using paint but I still managed to find a way to get paint on me!

At school I enjoy hanging out with my friends and talking to them. All of them just make me laugh so much that it hurts. I’ve known Rachael and Kirsten since I started school in Prep but I didn’t really get to know them until Grade 4 when I started to hang out with them. I’ve only known Maddy for nearly 2 years but in that 2 years we’ve become very good friends.

My dream is to become one of Australia’s top journalists. When I was younger I dreamed of being an author but then I realised I realised I wasn’t very good at writing stories and that I was better at retelling them.

My passion is netball. Since I was a young child I’ve enjoyed netball and the people there. Mum used to take me to the netball and football since I was born. I play for my local Football/Netball club. In my time at the club my team has won a 13 & U premiership and in 2009 I came runner’s up for the club’s best and fairest. Netball is great because you’re able to socialize with people and make new friends while doing exercise. I find it easy-going and I enjoy it very much. I love going outside and throwing the netball around with Emily.

I was nominated for the Moyne Youth Awards in the academic category in 2009. I didn’t win it but I was happy just to be nominated. The winners were much older than me and had done extraordinary things. 

I’ve been at the same school since Prep and I’m planning to spend the rest of my schooling here until I go off to Uni. My school is a great school because everybody knows everybody and the people who go there are all very friendly.

On my 5th Birthday Mum thought I was getting the chicken pox and she nearly had to cancel my birthday party. I was really upset but luckily what I had wasn’t the chicken pox and the party still went ahead.

I take private piano lessons every week and have been doing so since I was in Grade 5. I like playing the piano because I love the sound of the songs I play when I get them right. When I heard my sister play piano I was like I want to be like that. My favourite song to play is the pink panther theme song which I played at the school music night.

 Some of my interests include drawing, netball and writing. I like to write when I’m at home and I’ve got nothing to do. I used to copy out story books and change them a little. Drawing is something I like to do in my spare time. I like colouring more than drawing but I still like to draw. I like to draw real life things. Sometimes I go outside and try to draw flowers or a tree. 

At the start of 2010 I went to Sydney for the Australian Scout Jamboree. There were people all over Australia living in tents for 10 days. The 10 days were filled with fun activities including going to Jamberoo (a water park), boot camp exercise, concerts every night, Sydney city tour and many more activities. I made many friends on this experience and I would say it was one of best times of my life!

This is a little about ME!

My name is Georgia. I’m 11 years old. I’m in Grade 6. I live with my Mum and Dad and have an annoying Brother and Sister. I live in the south-West area of Victoria in Australia. Australia has some beautiful wildlife. We see a kangaroo every now and then and my Dad just saw a Echdina the other day. My favourite animal would be a platypus because they are strange animals just like me!  I like reading books. My favourite book would be Harry Potter and the deady hollows. Last year i went to the Melbourne Writer’s festival. We saw all these different authors. It was excellent! My favourite sport is Netball. I play for the Hawkesdale Macarthur Eagles 13 and Under side. We won the Premiership this year. I play in defence and sometimes WA. In the AFL (Australian Football league) I go for Essendon. There colours are Red and Black. They were in the bottom eight this year. Sadly!   I have a pet goat. His name is Walter. We feed him our food scraps. We also have 2 birds. They are both are a cockatiel. Their names are Locky and Ollie. We also have some feral cats which we feed. One of them has just had some more kittens. They live under our storage room which is seperate to the house.  My pet peeve is Mum  telling me to do 2 jobs at once. She does it all the time and then I don’t know which job to do and I get in trouble.

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  1. Hi Skippy! I am also 11 and in grade six. When did you start blogging?
    What is a Enchdina??? That really does sound like a weird animal!
    Congrats on your netball victory. It must have been fun.
    I really like Harry Potter too. I like the whole series.
    You are so lucky to have so many pets! I have a fish but that is all.
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog! Please answer my questions! THANKS!

  2. Hi georgia,Congradulations on your Award last thursday.I thought you were a worthy winner.Good luck next year.Fiona

  3. Go the Bombers there got the premiership in the bag this year man it was good when we beat carlton collingwood(zaharaskis u gun) and hawthorn one of my friends goes for collingwood man i got into him anyway im also 11 and in grade 6.
    who is your favorite player for Bombers:
    there all awsome my favorite play in AFL is Juddy(Chris Judd)
    what a gun.
    im gonna be like him when i play football(AFL) hehe!

  4. Welcome, Georgia, to the student blogging challenge.

    To make it easier for me when visiting your blog, can you make sure you have the widget for recent comments in your sidebar?

    To make it easier for YOU to find out the weekly challenges, perhaps having my class blog URL in your blogroll would be helpful.

    I hope you enjoy the challenges and feel free to leave any questions on the page where I will leave an answer within a couple of days.

  5. Hi Georgis.

    This is a great “About” page. It is full of information to help people to get to know you a little better. I saw my first echidna in the wild just last week. They are funny creatures aren’t they? They’re a little bit like big version of hedgehogs, which we had a lot of in Wales, where I grew up.

    Great work on your blog. I’ll come back & visit often.

  6. Hi Georgia! My name is Abbey and I found your blog through the Student Blogging Challenge.

    What is netball? Is it like volleyball or am I way off?


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