Dream of a Past

This is a poem that I wrote in English class last year. It is about my Grandmother that I never got to know.

You ask me, what did I dream?

I dreamt that I became a time machine.

I wanted to go back into the past.

Go back and visit a woman I know,

Someone I loved.

It was my grandmother that I love.

What was she like?

I can’t remember.

She left the world when I was young.

She had to leave me

Because it was her time to go.

She went to a place called Heaven.

I miss her and I’m sad.

I’m sad because all my friends have a grandmother.

You ask me, why does this matter?

Because she had to leave me and went away.

I want to go back through time to meet her.

Victorian Bushfires

The 2009 Victorian Bushfires also known as Black Saturday is a day I’m sure all Australians will remember for a long time!

Over 200 people confirmed dead and death toll still could rise! At school I wrote this piece on the bushfires!

Here it is:

I see… injured wildlife struggling for survival, the violent fires blistering through homes, thick black covering the sky turning day into night and what used to be people’s homes now turned into ashes!

I hear… the roaring fire trucks heading towards the flame, anxious people trying to get in contact with family and frightened children screaming for their parents.

I taste… the black smoke as thick as concrete drifting inside my mouth and the fear of small communities as the fiery predator rushes towards them.  

I smell… the devastating flames turning everything in its path into ashes and the unlucky animals lifeless. 

I feel… annoyed at the terrible arsonists who have brought pain into many families and can only imagine the pain of which the victims of black Saturday are going through now and forever.

Blog Partner!!!!!!

I haven’t told you yet but we are doing a global project called ‘A room with a view’ with a school in Hollywood, Florida. We take a picture at the same spot each month for a year and so will the Hollywood school.

We recently got told that we were getting partners who are a this school. They have just started blogging so we are going to help them. My blogging buddy is Skyla. I visited her blog today and hoping she will comment on mine soon.

Visit from Saiful!

A man called Saiful visited our classroom the other day. He’s from Indonesia. He told us some interesting facts about Indonesia and his life.

  • There are 90 teachers at his school.
  • He is a history teacher.
  • There are around 30-40 students in each class.
  • They eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • They have to wear sandals and if they aren’t wearing sandals they have to do 10 push ups in the middle of the circle.
  • They wear white uniforms.
  • There are 2000 students at their school.
  • They have corn and rice farms.

My Backyard!!!

My family have a big backyard which contains many things such as trees, bushes, flowers, balls, swings, slide, trampoline, pools, bird cage and many more. We also have a round-a-bout at the end of our driveway which I wouldn’t call short. 


We have 2 pools. One is for relaxing and dipping your feet in. We recently put in a bigger one which has a fence around it and pebbles that makes it look pretty. You can actually swim in it not like the other one. We used to have 2 swings but Dad got rid of it when he put the new bird cage in. We used to have a small bird cage but we got a bigger one so we can get some more birds.


We have a trampoline which I have fallen off plenty of time and even broke my wrist one time. I’m telling you, trampolines are very dangerous objects. The slide we have is getting a little small but doesn’t really matter because we don’t use it, only if our younger cousins come down from Melbourne. The driveway we’ve got is long enough that we sometimes ride our bike up to get picked up by our school bus.



We have many tennis balls, cricket balls, Netballs, footballs, basketballs and others around our house. We love doing sport. I play Netball, Cricket in the summer with my brother, shoot baskets and practise tennis but don’t play. The second you spot our house, you’ll be able to see many balls of different sorts all around the place. They’re in trees, bushes, on the tennis court, and occasionally you’ll see popped ones because they have been in the way for Mum or Dad.



Lockie is my sister’s pet cockatiel. We got Lockie from our cousins which own plenty of birds. Lockie has his/her own cage. I’m not exactly sure if it is a he or she since I haven’t really cared ‘til now. There is plenty of entertainment for Lockie inside the cage. There are tree branches, a swing and a wooden seat which goes one side to another inside the cage.

There is one problem but, Lockie is a lonely bird. Mum says we can get another bird but when. Patience isn’t always one of my strong points. Mum always talks to him/her. Sometimes I just wish he could talk back. He recently was moved to his/her new cage. She/he was in a little green, rusty, old cage. 

My Sister has had many of birds before but all times have failed except Lockie. There have been 2 budgies and a cockatiel. The only thing I can remember about all of the birds was one of the budgies was called Aussie. Wee called him/her Aussie because he/she was green and yellow. We used to say to it ‘Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!’


Coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m am so busy these days i have no time spare.

I don’t seem to be getting any more time soon. My calendar is full.

  • I have netball every Saturday and if it is at our home ground there is an event afterwards.                            
  • I have church on Sunday sometimes. A lot of the time we are too busy to go.
  • It’s nearly the end of term so we have projects to finish and work that needs completing.
  • Our Melbourne camp is coming up in August. We get back the day before my birthday. Hows that for an early birthday present.
  • There is a ’88 reunion which Mum and Dad are going to.

I can…you can, we can abolish nuclear weapons.

Dear World Leaders, 

I’m 11 years old.

These nuclear weapons have affected land, water, air and human life. Thousands of people have died terrible deaths because of these nuclear bombs. Millions have suffered.   It’s got to stop now!

There are only nine countries still involved or who own nuclear weapons including Russia, France, China, USA, Israel, Pakistan, U.K, Nth. Korea and India.

You owe it to the world to get the weapons off high alert. It would be the start of peace process that will lead to the abolishment of nuclear weapons.

I want my future looking positive. I don’t want to grow up living with the threat of nuclear war: no food and crops, water sources, air pollution and death and disease threatening my future. I don’t want this for my generation or for future generations.

There are only 27000 nuclear weapons left in the world. There should be zero!

Make peace. Stop Nuclear weapons. Everyone can make a difference.