Melbourne camp!!!

 Every year every grade a my school go on a camp from Grade 1 al the way to year  12

The Melbourne camp will take place on Wednesday August 27th to Friday August 29th. That means 2 nights and 3 days in Melbourne.


7.00am – bus leaves Hawkesdale College – we will have a stop in Inverleigh for toilet and snacks

11.00am – arrive Melbourne – Scienceworks

11.30am – Planetarium at Scienceworks

12.45 – Melbourne River Cruise into city

1.00pm – own lunch on board cruise

2.00pm – Immigration Musuem

4.00pm – check in Melbourne Discovery

5.00pm – IMAX

6.30pm – Dinner – Universal Pizza on Lygon st

8.00pm – Movie at Melbourne Discovery Theaterette (we take our own DVD)


8.00am – Breakfast Melbourne Discovery (cereal, 1 toast, drink)

9.00am –Travel on – presentation by met travel

10.00am – Scavenger Hunt

11.30am – MCG – general tour and national sports museum (3.5 hours)

1.00pm – Packed lunch (from Melbourne Discovery)

3.30pm – Shrine of Remembrance

5.30pm – Dinner – Trios Southgate Food court

7.00pm – Eureka Skydeck


8.15am – breakfast (pack up rooms and bring bags down to the foyer)

9.00am – Queen Victoria Market

11.30am – Old Melbourne Gaol

12.30pm – depart for home


In buddies last week our buddies brought their favourite teddy and we asked questions and found out information about the teddy.

  • My buddies teddy was called Rosie.     
  • It’s favourite thing to do is to dance with it’s owner.
  • It’s only 5 years old.
  • It’s favourite food is cakes.  
  • The naughtiest thing rosie has done is played with her owner without asking.
  • While her owner is at school she sits down and watches T.V.                                                                         

What makes the student?

  • A good student is a student who listens to there teacher when they should.
  • Have a good behaviour.
  • When they don’t understand instructions they ask again.
  • Does what there told.
  • Does there work peacefully.
  • Works well with student when put in a group.


My thoughts about ANZAC day…..

ANZAC day is a day to remember those brave, courageous, young men who gave our country a great reputation. The war showed everyone that the Australian soldiers were very brave men.

The soldiers had a terrible time when landing in an area with steep cliffs. The second they walked onto land they were under attack.

The ANZAC soldiers fought all those years ago but for some it feels like yesterday.

You might never really understand what the soldiers went through but how would you like to see your friends die in front of you. It’s not a pleasant feeling.

Not many of those came home to their families so let’s remember them who went to war and fought for our country. 



 The holdiday’s have just been and we’re back to school here in Victoria.

We have had a big wind storm and there are lots of trees on roads and fences down. The farmers around here are very busy fixing fences so that the animals don’t escape. A couple of trees came down at our house.

One of our tank lids came off and flew up a tree. It came down after the wind stopped though. I was watching when it happened.
There was a fair bit of wind the next day but no trees came down that i know of.

Have you had trees fallen  down from a wind storm?

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson ( Talented Ukulele man) came to our school for 3 days to teach us how to play a Ukulele. i was hopeless the first day but then i got used to it. My had just brought me a ukelulue for my Birthday. It’s blue. First we had to perform in front of our school’s prep-5 and then we had to perform in a citycalled Port Fairy in front of about 300 people. We had to play ‘The lion sleeps tonight.’  


From Me to You

We had to write a letter to an international school and sent them away. This is what i wrote.

From Me to You

I live in a small town called Hawkesdale. It is in Victoria which is in Australia.
My house used to be a Railway station. My Mum helped there. We still find bits and pieces in our backyard.  Most people live on farms around Hawkesdale but I don’t. But we have a very big backyard. We have a tennis court, a pool, heaps of trees, a garage, a couple of sheds, verandas, BBQ area, games room and cubby house. We have one pet which is a goat. We call it Walter. It is very friendly to people he knows. But when a stranger comes around sometime he might charge at them.  I am 11 years old and I am in grade 6 this year. My birthday is on the 30th of August. I am a family of 5. Even though I am the youngest i am the second tallest. I am even taller then my Mum. We go to a big city in Australia called Melbourne every holiday because all of Dad’s family lives up there.

My School

I go to Hawkesdale P12 College. It is a small school in the country. Even though it is small we still do lots of activities and go to a few excursions. Our school is primary and secondary. There are about 270 students.

My whole family is at the school. Mum and Dad both work there. Mum is an integration aid and Dad is a teacher.

We start at 9:00 and finish at 3:30. The day is made up with 6 periods and recess and Lunch. Lunch is about an hour and recess is about 30 minutes.

At our school we study Chinese at least twice a week. Since I am in grade 6 this year we have buddies. A buddy is a program where the grade 6’s get buddies in prep or grade 1.

We have a canteen at our school. It sells lollies, chips, pies, pasties, toasted sandwiches, water, fruit boxes and Big Mac’s. My favourite thing at the canteen is the chicken strips.

In my class there are 22 people. Only 10 are boys.

My Town

The town that I live in is called Hawkesdale. It is a tiny town which only has about 500 citizens.

It doesn’t have many buildings or stores. We only have a Post office, Pool, Pub, 3 Churches, Funky toilets and a park called Apex Park.

Most people who live around Hawkesdale live on farms. Mainly Sheep, Cattle, Dairy and a couple of Blue Gum plantations.

We have a couple of Community group such as HADDAC which is group of people who do working bees around Hawkesdale and do stuff around Hawkesdale. My Dad is the secretary for HADDAC. We have a cert team, CFA group, Hall committee, A football/Netball club and Cricket club.


Victoria’s Capital city is a city called Melbourne. It would be the biggest city in Victoria.

Some of Victoria’s best attractions are the Great Ocean Road, the 12 Apostles, Grampians, Sovereign Hill, Flagstaff hill and the Bendigo mine.

2 years ago there was a big fire at Grampians which came pretty close to Hawkesdale. It was horrible seeing all the dead trees and animals. We used to go to Grampians for holidays.

The Bendigo mine is one of the greatest places I’ve been. If you came to Australia I would recommend you go to the mine.


Australia is a small continent. Before English people were here there were Aboriginals. The first English to step onto Australia were convicts.

Some great tourist attractions in Australia are Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, Darwin, theme parks and Canberra.

Canberra is Australia’s capital city. I went there for a school camp. It took 13 hours to get there. Very long! We went to Telstra tower, Old parliament house, new parliament house and a museum. It was the best camp.

Australia’s native animals are the platypus, kookaburras, Kangaroos, Koalas, Echidna and wombats.

Your sincerely,Georgia