Blogging comp.

First i visited Chelsea’s blog. then i went to her blogroll and went to Hayley’s blog which then i went to her blogroll and went to Sophie’s blog. She had a post on soccer and about soccer like where the positions are. 

I visted these blogs because they were at the top of the blogrolls.

She also had an about me page. There were a lot of comments on that page.

Folk Festival!

In my local area there is a festival called the folk festival. It’s held in Port Fairy which is around 20-25 drive from my house.

The festival is held in early March each year over the Labour Day long weekend.

The first festival was in December 1977, second one in December 1978, third one in December 1979 and the fourth in March 1980 continuing every March since then opting for the long weekend and the usually better weather. Since 1977 there have been over 2000 acts and about 8000 artists have appeared at the festival.

We sometimes go. We didn’t go this year but Dad did! It has great music (sometimes).


  1. What are the best parts of blogging so far?

Knowing people from all over the globe are looking at your posts. I really enjoy looking at my flag counter and new flags on it.

  1. Do you find blogging interesting and why?

Yes, because there are so many things you can do with blogging. You can never get bored with blogging.

  1. What are the 3 aspects of the Competition you’ve liked the best?

We are a little bit behind in the competition so i don’t have 3 best things i’ve done in the competition.


As I see it, poverty is at the root of all the problems the world faces. If everyone had access to clean water, food and doctors, people wouldn’t be dying every 3 seconds in developing countries. If girls had education, they wouldn’t get pregnant at a young age and would know what to do if they did. Global poverty makes me stop and think and appreciate what I’ve got. There are people in the world who don’t have a home to live in, parents to care for them, access to clean water, money to buy food and doctors to go to when they are sick. Give someone an education, enough money for them to grow their own crops. Let them start their own business. You only need to give them a little and they’ll do the rest. They need to be able to look after themselves.

Why did I make my avatar the way I did?


I tried to make my avatar the way I look! But i don’t have earrings! Also the only pets I have are wild cats, a goat and 2 birds. The reason why I have this hair colour is because it was the closest colour to my real hair colour. I love flowers and that’s why i have flowers in the backgroud and one in my hair.

Why Skippy?

People wonder why Skippy? hmmmn.

The day before we got asked what do you want your blogs name to be i was watching this show where kangaroos were eating crops. Then one ofthe character go “Shoot skippy no way!” and i thought it was pretty cool so i kept saying it the next day. So my friends decided Skippy can be my new nick-name. That day we were asked what do you want your blog name to be. That’s the first thing that came in my mind.

I know, I named my blog after a line in a show. People think i’m stupid. I know!!!!!!