Victorian Bushfires

The 2009 Victorian Bushfires also known as Black Saturday is a day I’m sure all Australians will remember for a long time!

Over 200 people confirmed dead and death toll still could rise! At school I wrote this piece on the bushfires!

Here it is:

I see… injured wildlife struggling for survival, the violent fires blistering through homes, thick black covering the sky turning day into night and what used to be people’s homes now turned into ashes!

I hear… the roaring fire trucks heading towards the flame, anxious people trying to get in contact with family and frightened children screaming for their parents.

I taste… the black smoke as thick as concrete drifting inside my mouth and the fear of small communities as the fiery predator rushes towards them.  

I smell… the devastating flames turning everything in its path into ashes and the unlucky animals lifeless. 

I feel… annoyed at the terrible arsonists who have brought pain into many families and can only imagine the pain of which the victims of black Saturday are going through now and forever.