Blog Assessment!

How can you mark a blog? What do you look for?

I think my blog should be marked by the following things:


·        Updating posts all the time.

·        Interesting post with right information.

·        Uses different web 2.0 tools like poll daddy, animoto, slideshare

·        Putting tags onto your posts.

·        Using widgets and having things like an avatar, image chef, flag counter.

·        Categorising your posts.

·        Using blog in the right way.

Blogging comp.

First i visited Chelsea’s blog. then i went to her blogroll and went to Hayley’s blog which then i went to her blogroll and went to Sophie’s blog. She had a post on soccer and about soccer like where the positions are. 

I visted these blogs because they were at the top of the blogrolls.

She also had an about me page. There were a lot of comments on that page.

My Cluster Map!!!!!

My clustrmap is dear to me. I look at it all the time and can’t wait to see another dot appear. I am getting more dots each week. I even have one in Saudi Arabia. I didn’t know it was from there so i looked it up on google an dit said it was Saudi Arabia. I would love to get one from Sri Lanka or bangladesh.

I have dots form:

  • Australia
  • USA
  • China
  • England
  • Saudi Arabia
  • New Zealand
  • The Caribbeans

Here is a picture of how many dots i had on Wednesday 23rd July 2008.


Why should students blog?

  1. It’s FUN!
  2. It shows the world what we are learning in school and especially ICT.
  3. People all around the world can leave comments and teach you new stuff.
  4. It makes you write more then you would in your classroom.
  5. It gives you something to do in your spare time.
  6. It makes you use the computer so your skills are more advanced.
  7. You meet other people and is a easy way to chat.

Whay do you reckon students should be able to blog? Please fill free to leave a comment.