Melbourne Writers Festival

Early in the morning a group of kids and teachers from Hawkesdale P12 College hopped on a bus and travelled to Melbourne for the annual Writers festival. But we weren’t just going to listen to authors.

Our school was a part of a online project called Global Story Telling. We were working with schools Malaysia, China and Bulgaria. Students from each school were asked to make a book trailer about a book of their choice. It was a 2 minute video and you could use any media that you wanted. After we had made our trailers they were put on the Global Story Telling wiki where students from the other school could go online and watch each students trailer.

This project didn’t finish there. After we had all finished our book trailer students from our Hawkesdale were given the option to go to the Melbourne Writers Festival. At the Writers festival a few selected trailers were going to be viewed on the big screen at Federation Square. I was lucky enough to have my book trailer selected.

We arrived at Melbourne’s Federation square and went and saw an author speak about being an author and his books. While the other students were visiting another author 9 of Hawkesdale’s students went to speak with a group of officals about speaking on stage at Federation square. I was luck enough to be one of those students who were speaking on stage and having their book trailer shown.

Before going up on stage I was feeling very nervous along with everyone else. This was a big thing and there were many people sitting through Federation square who would be able to see me standing there. After the MC introduced the project which we were a part of it was my time to introduce my book trailer. I did my book trailer on A Rose for the Anzac Boys, by Jackie French.

It was such a relief when I finished talking and I was very proud of what I had just done. While on stage we also had a live linkup with the students from Malaysia. When we were watching our trailers they were also watching them. We saw the book trailers in which the students in Malayasia made. Their book trailers had a lot to do with Malaysian culture. We were going to ask them a few questions but we were unable to.

After doing this project I’ve learnt about the Malaysian culture. I’ve also had to be very resilient since there were many difficulties and problems that arised when making the trailers. I enjoyed working with schools from different countries and learning about them and their cultures. After speaking on a big stage in front of many people I feel more confident when public speaking.

a rose for the anzac boys