Visit from Saiful!

A man called Saiful visited our classroom the other day. He’s from Indonesia. He told us some interesting facts about Indonesia and his life.

  • There are 90 teachers at his school.
  • He is a history teacher.
  • There are around 30-40 students in each class.
  • They eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • They have to wear sandals and if they aren’t wearing sandals they have to do 10 push ups in the middle of the circle.
  • They wear white uniforms.
  • There are 2000 students at their school.
  • They have corn and rice farms.

Let's find out about Saiful Falah

We are getting a teacher from Indonesia-saiful Falah. He comes from MAS Ummul Quro, Bogor.

I would like to ask him……

  1. What is the biggest difference between Australia and Indonesia?
  2. How big are the classes in Indonesia?
  3. What was the hardest thing to leave behind?
  4. Is there any simularities between the 2 countries?
  5. What do you like about Australia?

Mrs Leo and her virtual classroom software

Today, Mrs Leo came from Boston, north eastern USA, into our grade 6 and 7 class. She used “virtual classroom software” which has been developed by an Australian, to share some powerpoint slides, audio, video and chat. Let’s reflect on this amazing lesson and write a post about it.

Here i am anwsering some questions left from Mrs Murch.

  • She showed many slides with pictures of Hawkesdale which she got of the internet and blogs. She showed a picture of Vegemite. She also showed slides with Australian sports like cricket and the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).
  • She asked questions about the sports we play and some of the rules. she tried to compare the sports to the ones where she lives but i didn’t really work. She asked what vegemite tasted like and what we eat it with.
  • I was suprised she compared Vegemite to peanut butter. I don’t like them both.
  • Do you enjoy being in a virtual classroom? I love being in a virtual classroom. It’s good to use technology to learn new stuff. It makes learning fun!
  • What skills do you think we need to develop and improve upon to successfully participate in such a class? We need to have less people around when are in participating. I think there was too many people there.
  • I can see many people using this virtual classroom, especially home school students and when student are sick, so when they come back to school they won’t be left behind.