Comments! Comments! Week 3

  • How are the comments made by Brad and Abby the same? How are they different? Which comment(s) would lead on to further conversation between Brad or Abby and the owner of the blog?
  • Both Brad and Abby really enjoy getting comments! They want their comments to be nice so they can approve them.  They are different because Abby doesn’t mind critisim unless it is in a mean way whereas Brad doesn’t not like getting corrected at all!

  • How can you write a great post so lots of people leave comments? Write a post you think will invite a lot of comments.
  •  A post which might give you a few more comments is one with a open-ended question! A post which expresses your point of view and asks for the readers. Another post which might attract visitors is one which has a game, a poll or a video because the first thing I recognise on a blog is whether it has something interactive I can do. It makes you want to read the rest of the post.

  • When someone leaves a comment, are you leaving an answer for them in your comment area, are you visiting their blog to leave a comment or are you sending an email to them if they left their email address?  Which of these three do you think carries the conversation on about the topic in your blog? Why?
  • On my blog I get a lot of comments from USA so I get a lot of questions about Australia. I try to answer some of the questions but sometimes I don’t. I normally go to their blog if they’ve left one or reply on my blog if they haven’t. I alos reply on my blog if I am a bit busy so it’s sometimes a good idea to reeturn to where you left the comment to see if I’ve answered your questions or even to just see if I’ve replied.

    Blogging comp.

    First i visited Chelsea’s blog. then i went to her blogroll and went to Hayley’s blog which then i went to her blogroll and went to Sophie’s blog. She had a post on soccer and about soccer like where the positions are. 

    I visted these blogs because they were at the top of the blogrolls.

    She also had an about me page. There were a lot of comments on that page.