Video conference with Cowwarr

In ICT we used our school’s polycom videoconferencing equipment to link up with Cowwarr Primary School from Cowwarr, Victoria, Australia. Cowwarr is in the middle of floods which are happening in Victoria at the moment. One of the girls that was in the class had a calf which died. The calf was already sick but walked into the water which made it even sicker. There were two students that weren’t able to come to school the day we linked up with them because of the flood waters.

Using the polycom videoconferencing equipment was better than skype as the video quality was better and so was the sound. There was also no delayed sound or video which was great whereas that can sometimes happen when using skype.

The polycom videdoconferencing equipment could be very useful for country schools especially. Hawkesdale being a small school means that we aren’t able to offer all subjects especially VCE subjects and so we could use the videoconferencing between schools who have the subjects and schools that don’t. this would be very helpful for students who want to do subjects that their school doesn’t offer and help them do what they enjoy