Tracking Widgets

Many people who have a blog have a tracking widget on their sidebar. Common tracking widgets are:

  • Cluster Maps
  • Feedjit
  • Flagcounter
  • Geovisite
  • Revolver maps

On my sidebar you’ll notice I have a cluster map, flag counter and a revolver map. Why do I have these? I like to know who is visting my blog and where they’re from. To see a dot in Saudi Arabia or Malaysia is great to see. It’s nice to know some people are visiting and/or reading what I have on my blog.

I like using revolver map because not only does it show me where the people who are visitng my blog are but it also revolves making the map more interactive. A map that moves I find more interesting than a plain map that’s just got the dots showing.

I like flag counter becasue not only does it show where people are visitng us but they also tell us the country in which they are coming from. Sometimes you don’t know all the countries so it is helpful for flagcounter to tell you what country it’s from.

Out of all the tracking devices there’s only one that I’ve always had on my blog and that is the cluster map. The cluster map shows you where people who are visitng your blog are from and it also shows you how many times or how many people from that place have visited. They do this by making the dot depending on the number of visits from that place. I really enjoy using the cluster map and check it every time I go onto my blog. I was asked what could cluster maps do to improve their maps, well, when you click on the map you could name the names of the city, country where the dots are coming from. You could do this by, when you move your mouse over a dot it could come up in a box the name of the city and/or country.