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Here is a wordle on the Cyclone Yasi which devastated Queensland, Australia. Click here to read the full article.

Cyclone Yasi

In the summer holidays many Victorian towns were flooded. Many people were evacuated and houses were wrecked. To read the full article click here

Victorian floods

On Wednesday Darren Milburn and Steve Johnson, Geelong footballers, came to our school to give a footy clinic and talk to the students.

Darren and Steve

My super long weekend!

This weekend was a four day weekend. Friday was a day off for report writing day and Monday was a public holiday. Because it was the long weekend I also had no netball. We had a four day weekend and had no plans so Mum and Dad decided that maybe we should go to the footy in Melbourne (Essendon vs Geelong) since my sister goes for Geelong and my brother and I go for Essendon. When we decided we were going to the footy, Mum got free netball tickets to see the Vixens vs NSW Swifts on the same day but at a different time. That was final we were going to the netball and footy. It was also our cousin’s birthday!

So we went to Melbourne early Saturday morning and arrived around lunch time. We quickly had lunch at my nanna and pa’s house then catched a train to the netball stadium. The game was very interesting until the 3rd quarter when the vixens got flogged! They had a great start to the 4th quarter but were not able to come back from their terrible 3rd quarter. They ended up losing by around 12 goals.

When the netball was finished we went on a train to the Southern Cross station and went to the DFO. If you know my Mum you know she likes shopping so we had a look in a few shops. After we had finished shopping we sat down and got subway for tea. My brother doesn’t like subway so he went and got some pizza.

After we had all finished tea we started to make our way to Etihad stadium which was only a couple hundred metres away. We had already seen many Essendon and Geelong supporters in the DFO. We went up the ramp to level 3 and and had to walk up the stairs to row V which was right near the top. The view was great except if  we wanted to look at the big screen there was a pole right in the way. Before the game started we had already spotted some of our friends because I knew where they sat. At half time on of them came up to our seats and talked to us. One of my sister’s friends which was going to the game was sitting a couple rows away from us. It took the friend quite a while to see my sister.

The game was really good until the 3rd quarter when sadly, Geelong got away from Essendon. Essendon did have some injuries but so did Geelong. Essendon ended up losing by around 70 points. Throughout the game there was this person behind us who would not be quite. My parents thought I’m bad at home but this person was way worse. It didn’t help that he had a friend which had never seen AFL footy so he was trying to explain all the rules throughout the game.

On Sunday we went to my cousin’s house because it was her birthday. Most of my cousins are still quite young and are very energetic. They tire you out after only spending half an hour with them. The birthday girl loves doing magic and was dressed up as a magician which was so cute!

Overall the super long weekend was a awesome weekend. Monday we got to relax for basically the whole day which was good since I was still tired from Saturday and Sunday.

150 years of AFL

Today my school is in casual to celebrate 150 years of AFL football. We had to pay $2.00 with half going to our SRC ( Student representative council) and the other half going to the heart foundation. There was a kick off at lunch time and girls were allowedto compete even though AFL is a boy sport they are getting girls involved in minor leagues.

You had to dress up in your favourite football team. I dressed up in Essendon colours which is my favourite team and love watching them play. Their colours are Red and Black. My favourite player is Andrew Welsh or Angus Monfries. They are both excellent players.  Tim (my brother) also goes for Essendon, my Dad goes for sydney, my sister goes for Geelong and Mum goes for anyone.

This is a website to celebrate 150 years of football!

This is the AFL website!

This is the essendon website!