Global handwashing day!

October 15th is global handwashing day!

  • Why would there be a global handwashing day? I reckon there would be a global handwashing day to improve personal higene. Washing your hands is a great way to keep clean. You should wash your hands before every meal.
  • What purpose would it have? The purpose of having the day would to improve everyone’s personal higene. And to make people’s hands clean.
  • Write about good handwashing practise – what is handwashing, why handwash, where…., when…  Handwashing is where you wash your hands with soap and water. You are supposed to wash them before every meal and when your hands are dirty. It is important to wash your hands because you can have stuff on it which could go onto yuor food when your eating and make you sick! No one wants to be sick just because they forgot to wash their hands!
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    Remember wash your hands before every meal! It may stop you from being sick!