Mother's day Interview

On Sunday, May 11th, Australians celebrate Mothers Day to acknowledge the important role that mothers take in our lives.
I want you to tell me about your Mum, so answer the following questions as a post on your blog:

  1. My earliest memory of Mum when she had to help me get up onto the church seats because i was too small. 
  2. My mother always tells me if you don’t do it who will.
  3. Her favourite food is….i’m not sure. i think it’s chips. 
  4. Mum’s favourite colour.. Her favourite colour would be blue.
  5. Mum’s favourite piece of furniture…  the furtherest chair so she can read without the T.V having to be turned down.
  6. At home she cooks.. Tea. tea is about the only thing she cooks. us kids have to cook slices and cakes.
  7. In her spare time, she… READS. She reads alll the time. it can be annoying. Or she is on the phone to someone.
  8. Mum’s special interest or hobby… She like Netball but doesn’t play but coachs sometimes. she palys tennis.  
  9. Her favourite gadget… is the George Forman Grilling Machine 
  10. Mum likes it when… we do our jobs without her asking.
  11. She gets cross when… my brother answers back.  
  12. When I shut my eyes, I see Mum.. sitting on the chair on the phone.  
  13. If I had money I would buy her… as many books as i can.


Interview with Heather Blakey

How did you get started with computers?  In 1997. When the emails started to take place. Her class used emails

Best thing about blogging? Having an crowd reading your work. Making friends all around the world.

When did you start blogging? 1999. When  blogging started. People used to use blogs to tell things when war was on.

What are some crazy ideas? You could put on pictures on of your crazy hair day. You could record what your goldfish do.

What’s your favourite game? None. I don’t really play any games on the computer.

How many pets do you have? 2 dogs and a cat.