What I've acheived this year!

What have I learnt this year?

  1. I’ve learnt how to use a blog
  2. I’ve learnt how to add and subtract fractions
  3. I’ve learnt about nuclear weapons


What things am I good at? 

  1. I’m good at Netball (I think???)
  2. I’m good at maths????

What have I improved on?

  1. I’ve improved on bootball!

Maths games….

In Maths each student in my class had to find a game, which we don’t need the internet for, to teach the class. I had to teach my game today!

My game is called 100 wins!


  • ·         2 -4 people
  • ·         2\3 dice
  • ·         Pen and paper


You roll 2 or 3 dice, depends on how good you are with multiplication, make a number ith the digits you rooled and write the number down.

Then you roll 1 dice and with the digit you got multiply the 2 numbers together. Eg 56×7=3 92

You get 10 points if you are correct and another 5 points if you were the first person to finish.  The first person to 50 wins!


If the multiplication is too easy for you do division instead. So say you roll 472 and then 8, divide 472 by 8 and the answer would be 59. Most of the time there probably will be a remainder.

World times!

This week in Maths we have been working on world times. We were split up in groups and had to find out how different people knew the time.

My group had to find out how the stone age recorded time!

The stone age!

The stone age was between 5 MYA. MYA stands for millions of years ago.

The Stone age people knew there were 365 days in a year by the position of the stars and planets. When a star or planet was in the same position as the first day of the year a whole year has passed.

When a day went by they put a stone down and at the end of a year they counted all the stones and the anwser was how many days were in a year.