Link up with Boston

Today we did a link-up with a school in Boston. They were on holidays so there were only 2 students and a teacher online talking to us. They all had a webcam and talked to us.  I had to answer most of the questions on my mic.

Who was in your classroom today? Mrs Leo, Will and Caitlin

What did you learn?

  • I learnt that  on the 4th of July they celebrate Independence Day which was the day they became independent from the British.
  • They have a big parade with clowns, floats with stuff on them and horses with soldiers on them.
  • They wear big hats and ballon hats.
  • Where Will was from all the kids got dressed up and a fire truck would go down the street and look at them all.
  • They also play a lot of Baseball on the 4th of July and in the spring and summer time.
  • They have picnics and barbeques to celebrate. On teh 4th of July common food to eat was hot dogs, hamburgers and watermelon.

What is the equivalent celebration in Australia? Australia Day

Your evaluation of the lesson – successful, challenges, problems, style of teaching. This was one link up that there wasn’t many problems or challenges. Some people couldn’t get on because the room was full but that was easily solved. My mic worked which sometimes we have a problem with but not this time! I really enjoy doing link-ups you learn so much but at the same time you’re having fun.

resized Boston foto