Ping Music

My class and I are in a project called ping Music. It is a project where using computers we talk to a man called Ajax who is in Melbourne who also brings in some musicians with him. We talk to him and learn about instruments.

This is a piece of music I made! We had to use certain tools such as making the music play in only one earphone.

I used three different tracks. I used samples of the tamborine and some other different musical instruments.

This piece doesn’t sound like anything. It’s a bit of a mixture of sounds and is a bit random at the start and end.  


Here is another couple of pieces i have made:They are called my music because they don’t sound like anything!



Folk Festival!

In my local area there is a festival called the folk festival. It’s held in Port Fairy which is around 20-25 drive from my house.

The festival is held in early March each year over the Labour Day long weekend.

The first festival was in December 1977, second one in December 1978, third one in December 1979 and the fourth in March 1980 continuing every March since then opting for the long weekend and the usually better weather. Since 1977 there have been over 2000 acts and about 8000 artists have appeared at the festival.

We sometimes go. We didn’t go this year but Dad did! It has great music (sometimes).

Introducing Skippy!


My real name is Georgia. I live in Australia, Victoria, Hawkesdale. Hawkesdale is a small town in the country. I live around 5 minutes out of Hawkesdale. Around 200 people live in Hawkesdale.

I am 12 years old. I am in grade 6. Our year 6 graduation is at the end of this term.  

I love to play netball. Our netball season has just finished. My team was in the Grand final and we won! We are premiers. Everyone on my team got a medallion.  

My favourite subjects at school are ICT (information communication technology), SOSE and writing.

I have a pet goat. His name is Walter. We feed him our food scraps. We also have 2 birds. They are both are a cockatiel. Their names are Locky and Ollie. We also have some feral cats which we feed. One of them has just had some more kittens. they live under our storage room which is seperate to the house.

My favourite song at the moment is is it you, by Cassie. I listen to it all the time after school.