Open Night at school

Monday night was Hawkesdale’s open night where students who are looking at coming to our school next year for year 7 come and check out the school and our classes. A part of the night students visit and get involved in  ICT, Science, PE and Cooking.

As a year 10 student I came along to help out my teacher and show what I do in ICT. I brought in Australian items from home which we showed Tatyana a teacher from Moscow, Russia and her student Viktoria. They spoke very good English since it’s only their second language. I showed them a AFL (Australian Football League) football, a netball, a toy kookaburra and a kookaburra I made out of clay. The things I was showing them were very Australian and they didn’t have them in Russia.

After we had spoken to Tatyana and Viktoria we tried connecting with Sebastian who was from India. We connected with Sebastian during school time to introduce ourselves before we connected with him on open night. As he lives in India it was only 8:00 am when we first connected with him meaning that he had only just had breakfast. For breakfast he had white rice with actually looked like bread on the webcam as well as an egg with curry. The curry was very hot and spicy adn probably too hot for an of the students in Australia. It was remarkable to think he had justhad his breakfast while we were about to have our lunch. We showed him what we were having for lunch which included: Tim Tams, Apple scroll and a banana. He didn’t know what a Tim Tam was or a apple scroll so we had to explain to him what they are.  Sebastian introduced his wife to us who was a lovely lady. She does marvellous origami which she learnt to do by watching youtube videos. She can make beautiful white swans.

On open night afer we had finished our link-up with Tatyana and Viktoria we treid to connect with Sebastian. The connection wasn’t working and our internet at school dropped out. this meant that the parents couldn’t see Sebastian. Sebastian had made arrangements to speak to us and it would have been a shame if we couldn’t connect with him but for some reason one of the teacher’s internet was working on their laptop but not on others so we used their’s. So the students got to connect with Sebastian which was good. We showed him the same items which we showed Tatyana and Viktoria.