Presentation from Christopher Herz

While everyone else was outside playing seven students including me were having lunch with author Christopher Herz. Chris was in New York, where he lives, talking to us students on skype. Last year we did lunchtime classes with Chris virtually once a week. He would set up writing tasks and we would post it on evernotes. Once our work was posted Chris would read it and give his feedback. At the end of last year Christopher sent all the students who were involved a copy of his new book ‘Pharmacology’. Our teacher Mrs Murch set up a presentation with Chris. We all got up and accepted our book which had arrived from New York to Hawkesdale. We gave Christopher a virtual handshake or high five. Christopher gave us all comments about our writing and what we do well.

It was a priviledge and a great experience to be a part of and I am truly grateful for the opportunity. I would like to thank my teacher Mrs Murch for organising the link-up each week and making sure the technology was working. I would also like to thank Christopher for giving up his time. Because of the time difference when we connected it was late at night for Chris, so thank-you. I would also like to thank him for his comments and feedback. I’ve taken it all on and hopefully because of it my writing will improve. Thanks.