Link up with Manila

We were talking to a class from Claret, Manila, Phillipines through a Virtual Classroom. Here is a list of things we learnt while talking to them:

  • In there class there was 41 students
  • For lunch they eat a lot of Rice and other foods like Spaghetti
  • They are not allowed to bring any electronics to school eg. phones, ipods, MP3
  • At lunch time they are not allowed to play any computer games
  • They do their homework at lunch since it’s too hot to go outside
  • When we were talking to them it was 28 degrees Celsius
  • They start school at 7:30 am
  • They only have 2 seasons not 4 like us
  • They are the 3rd largest school
  • They wear a white t-shirt with a logo on it

Here is a list of some questions they asked us:

  • What do you eat for lunch?
  • What is the weather like? Hot or Cold?

I enjoy links up like this one since you learn a lot in an interesting way. I would enjoy doing some more link ups.