Year 12 Exams: You will survive!

It’s this time every year that many of students all around the country are busily studying for their Year 12 exams. This year I am in year 11 but did two year 12 subjects: Further Maths and ITA (Information Technology Applications). Over the last few week I, along with thousands of other students have been studying hard, getting in as much preparation as possible. Long days studying, long nights thinking. Many even struggle to get a couple of hours of sleep leading up to the exam. The day of the exam comes and many people are still studying. They wake up early to get as much revision in as they can.

I think nearly every student in the state who has a Year 12 exam stresses until the exam has finished. And yet it is when they walk out that they realise: “What was I stressing about?”. There really is no point stressing out about an exam. You will survive! You may fail, you may pass, you may do better than you thought, you may not do as well as expected. It doesn’t matter what happens inside and after the exam, life will go on.

While I saw many of my classmates trying to cram in last minute study, I thought “Well I’ll either know it or I won’t. I have done as much as I can all year. There is nothing more I can do.” I believe that these last minute thoughts really helped me. I felt prepared but I wasn’t too stressed. Like any normal student I was still feeling the pressure but I walked into the exam feeling reasonably relaxed. If only I knew before the exam that all the stress counts for nothing. There is no point. People stress that much that they have failed the exam in their heads even before they open the papers. Year 12 Exams: You will survive!