My Backyard!!!

My family have a big backyard which contains many things such as trees, bushes, flowers, balls, swings, slide, trampoline, pools, bird cage and many more. We also have a round-a-bout at the end of our driveway which I wouldn’t call short. 


We have 2 pools. One is for relaxing and dipping your feet in. We recently put in a bigger one which has a fence around it and pebbles that makes it look pretty. You can actually swim in it not like the other one. We used to have 2 swings but Dad got rid of it when he put the new bird cage in. We used to have a small bird cage but we got a bigger one so we can get some more birds.


We have a trampoline which I have fallen off plenty of time and even broke my wrist one time. I’m telling you, trampolines are very dangerous objects. The slide we have is getting a little small but doesn’t really matter because we don’t use it, only if our younger cousins come down from Melbourne. The driveway we’ve got is long enough that we sometimes ride our bike up to get picked up by our school bus.



We have many tennis balls, cricket balls, Netballs, footballs, basketballs and others around our house. We love doing sport. I play Netball, Cricket in the summer with my brother, shoot baskets and practise tennis but don’t play. The second you spot our house, you’ll be able to see many balls of different sorts all around the place. They’re in trees, bushes, on the tennis court, and occasionally you’ll see popped ones because they have been in the way for Mum or Dad.