Link-up with Boston

Today in our ICT class we linked-up with a teacher Mrs. Leo and two students Oshika and Olivia. They were from Jackson school in Boston, USA. Using photos and talking to use they gave us a tour of their school. I learnt that at their school they learn Spanish and when your a 5th grader or a 6th grader you learn Latin. They have a smartboard in every room the same as my school, Hawkesdale College. Their school starts at Kindergarten and goes to 6th grade. Using a virtual classroom is a great way to communicate with other students from around the globe and is also great for learning about other countries and their culture. There is no better way to learn then to learn from another student.

This is a screen shot during our link-up. We were asked to draw our favourite item of technology.




Rubicon Camp

This year the Year 9/10 camp is at Rubicon and since I’m a Year 9 I’ve decided to go. Rubicon is a snow camp and since we don’t have any snow where I live I’m really looking forward to this camp and the chance to visit the snow.
Activities at the camp include a day of skiing, mountain bike riding and another day to do either rock climbing, rafting, skiing. Rubicon is like an extra week of holidays because we leave on the first day back of Term 3.

My netbook

Why are you happy to have one? Because they are useful to use in the classroom when they are needed. Instead of leaving the classroom you’re able to use your netbook right there.

How can it improve your learning? It can improve your learning because you don’t have to waste time logging on and off the computer and finding a computer. It also can help your learning because you may hae to google a definition or find some information but if you had to go find a computer the teacher may tell you not to worry about it.

How has it improved your learning? My learning has improved because of the netbook. The netbook has allowed me to look up information during class. Having a netbook has also allowed me to do my work inside the classroom which means the teacher will be there to help me which may not be the same if I had to go to a computer room.

First week back!

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Here is a wordle on the Cyclone Yasi which devastated Queensland, Australia. Click here to read the full article.

Cyclone Yasi

In the summer holidays many Victorian towns were flooded. Many people were evacuated and houses were wrecked. To read the full article click here

Victorian floods

On Wednesday Darren Milburn and Steve Johnson, Geelong footballers, came to our school to give a footy clinic and talk to the students.

Darren and Steve

Question from Boston kids

33. Nichola -What sport do you play?

G’day my name is Georgia. In Australia, in the winter time, the main two sports are netball and footy also known as the AFL. I play netball for our local team. In the summer time Australian’s mainly play tennis and cricket. My family all love tennis except me! We also play other sports such as basketball, soccer and swimming. At school we have an athletic day where we do running, high jump, javelin, shot put, discus and many other sports.  

Link up with Manila

We were talking to a class from Claret, Manila, Phillipines through a Virtual Classroom. Here is a list of things we learnt while talking to them:

  • In there class there was 41 students
  • For lunch they eat a lot of Rice and other foods like Spaghetti
  • They are not allowed to bring any electronics to school eg. phones, ipods, MP3
  • At lunch time they are not allowed to play any computer games
  • They do their homework at lunch since it’s too hot to go outside
  • When we were talking to them it was 28 degrees Celsius
  • They start school at 7:30 am
  • They only have 2 seasons not 4 like us
  • They are the 3rd largest school
  • They wear a white t-shirt with a logo on it

Here is a list of some questions they asked us:

  • What do you eat for lunch?
  • What is the weather like? Hot or Cold?

I enjoy links up like this one since you learn a lot in an interesting way. I would enjoy doing some more link ups.

Melbourne Cup Day!

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup Day, the day that stops the nation. At school we had a casual day. Some people dressed up or wore fancy, strange hats. We had a class sweep. I got Profound Beauty. At home Ihad Septimus.

At 3:00 every class went to a room which had a T.V to watch the race. Everyone screams for their horse. After the race finished everyone went outside to do Fashion on the field, best hat and the horse race. I didn’t go in any because I didn’t dress up.  

In the horse race 2 of my claass mates entered. They were so close to the finish when they fell over.