Mrs Leo and her virtual classroom software

Today, Mrs Leo came from Boston, north eastern USA, into our grade 6 and 7 class. She used “virtual classroom software” which has been developed by an Australian, to share some powerpoint slides, audio, video and chat. Let’s reflect on this amazing lesson and write a post about it.

Here i am anwsering some questions left from Mrs Murch.

  • She showed many slides with pictures of Hawkesdale which she got of the internet and blogs. She showed a picture of Vegemite. She also showed slides with Australian sports like cricket and the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).
  • She asked questions about the sports we play and some of the rules. she tried to compare the sports to the ones where she lives but i didn’t really work. She asked what vegemite tasted like and what we eat it with.
  • I was suprised she compared Vegemite to peanut butter. I don’t like them both.
  • Do you enjoy being in a virtual classroom? I love being in a virtual classroom. It’s good to use technology to learn new stuff. It makes learning fun!
  • What skills do you think we need to develop and improve upon to successfully participate in such a class? We need to have less people around when are in participating. I think there was too many people there.
  • I can see many people using this virtual classroom, especially home school students and when student are sick, so when they come back to school they won’t be left behind.