Question from Boston kids

33. Nichola -What sport do you play?

G’day my name is Georgia. In Australia, in the winter time, the main two sports are netball and footy also known as the AFL. I play netball for our local team. In the summer time Australian’s mainly play tennis and cricket. My family all love tennis except me! We also play other sports such as basketball, soccer and swimming. At school we have an athletic day where we do running, high jump, javelin, shot put, discus and many other sports.  

What I've acheived this year!

What have I learnt this year?

  1. I’ve learnt how to use a blog
  2. I’ve learnt how to add and subtract fractions
  3. I’ve learnt about nuclear weapons


What things am I good at? 

  1. I’m good at Netball (I think???)
  2. I’m good at maths????

What have I improved on?

  1. I’ve improved on bootball!