Semester 2 subjects

As semester 1 comes to an end it’s time for us to start thinking about semester 2 and what subjects we’re dong. Of course English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Skills for Living are all compulsory subjects and we have no choice in doing anything instead of them. But we’re allowed to choose 4 electives where we choose what we do. Semester 1 I had Chinese, ICT (Information Communication Technology), Music and Sport. I enjoyed all these elective subjects but semester 2 I decided to choose some other electives. For semester 2 I have got Visual Communication (known as Vis Com), Chinese, Food Technology (cooking).

This year the school is trying a new program where every Wednesday morning we go to a South West TAFE campus and learn about different TAFE programs. There were three diferent blocks that we got to choose and we’d do the subjects in the block we choose. I choose block 3 which had Media, Sport and Rec, Vis Com, Technology, Hospitality.

Super Club Plus

Super Club Plus is a very good site. It’s really interesting. In forums there are real life subjects. The other day I was apart of a forum about global warming. You have to try and get stars.
I’ve already got 3 stars. when you get the green star you get to start a blog.

I can also talk and discuss the stuff with my friends without literally talking to them!

Introducing Skippy!


My real name is Georgia. I live in Australia, Victoria, Hawkesdale. Hawkesdale is a small town in the country. I live around 5 minutes out of Hawkesdale. Around 200 people live in Hawkesdale.

I am 12 years old. I am in grade 6. Our year 6 graduation is at the end of this term.  

I love to play netball. Our netball season has just finished. My team was in the Grand final and we won! We are premiers. Everyone on my team got a medallion.  

My favourite subjects at school are ICT (information communication technology), SOSE and writing.

I have a pet goat. His name is Walter. We feed him our food scraps. We also have 2 birds. They are both are a cockatiel. Their names are Locky and Ollie. We also have some feral cats which we feed. One of them has just had some more kittens. they live under our storage room which is seperate to the house.

My favourite song at the moment is is it you, by Cassie. I listen to it all the time after school.