Heading to Sydney

Tommorow I’ll be heading to Cataract Park which is an hour away from Sydney. I’m going for 13 days for the scout Jamboree. The Jamboree is officially 10 days but it’s 13 days for my group including the travelling. We are leaving  tommorow and will be arriving early the next morning.

I’m pretty excited! Each day you have a couple of activities including touring Sydney, going to Jamboroo and many other entertaining activities. 2 weeks away from my parents sounds good! Ha ha!

150 years of AFL

Today my school is in casual to celebrate 150 years of AFL football. We had to pay $2.00 with half going to our SRC ( Student representative council) and the other half going to the heart foundation. There was a kick off at lunch time and girls were allowedto compete even though AFL is a boy sport they are getting girls involved in minor leagues.

You had to dress up in your favourite football team. I dressed up in Essendon colours which is my favourite team and love watching them play. Their colours are Red and Black. My favourite player is Andrew Welsh or Angus Monfries. They are both excellent players.  Tim (my brother) also goes for Essendon, my Dad goes for sydney, my sister goes for Geelong and Mum goes for anyone.

This is a website to celebrate 150 years of football!

This is the AFL website!

This is the essendon website!