Melbourne Cup Day!

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup Day, the day that stops the nation. At school we had a casual day. Some people dressed up or wore fancy, strange hats. We had a class sweep. I got Profound Beauty. At home Ihad Septimus.

At 3:00 every class went to a room which had a T.V to watch the race. Everyone screams for their horse. After the race finished everyone went outside to do Fashion on the field, best hat and the horse race. I didn’t go in any because I didn’t dress up.  

In the horse race 2 of my claass mates entered. They were so close to the finish when they fell over.

Why Skippy?

People wonder why Skippy? hmmmn.

The day before we got asked what do you want your blogs name to be i was watching this show where kangaroos were eating crops. Then one ofthe character go “Shoot skippy no way!” and i thought it was pretty cool so i kept saying it the next day. So my friends decided Skippy can be my new nick-name. That day we were asked what do you want your blog name to be. That’s the first thing that came in my mind.

I know, I named my blog after a line in a show. People think i’m stupid. I know!!!!!!