Special Visitors from Hong Kong

On Friday two of my friends and I were introduced to some visitors from Hong Kong. They were here because of some previous elluminate sessions our school was a part of about Kanawinka geopark and the Hong Kong geopark. After we were introduced on of the visitors asked if we would like to join them for morning tea along with the staff at the school.

While we were all munching on jelly slice, caramel slice, nibble pies and some quiches the people from Hong Kong asked me about the food they were eating.  Compared to what they were used to they thought Australian meal sizes were much bigger than in Hong Kong. They told us about a meal they had in Melbourne where they all ordered their own food but were only able to manage eating one of the meals between three of them.


They were all very interested about what subjects we studied at school and if we learned any other language other than English. They were suprised at how small our class sizes were since in Hong Kong they were nearly double the size of my class. 

After we had morning tea the visitors, some staff from the school, the principal and some students all went to the computer room to have an elluminate session with Young over in Hong Kong about the geopark. The visitors were very interested in using elluminate and were drawing chinese characters on the screen. Our teacher thought it was the students drawing but it was actually them writing in chinese.


While we were in the elluminate session one of the visitors, Alvin, was showing me some photos of the geopark in Hong Kong. Alvin was an awesome photography and the pictures were mind blowing. The views and scenary was amazing. It was like nothing I’ve seen before in Australia. Alvin then showed me a video of a tour of the geopark. It gave me an insight in what the geopark looked like. After the elluminate session the teacher found a photo of Alvin and I with his iPhone which he used to show the photos. The teacher thought she shouldn’t use that photo because she thought a student was using their mobile phone during class. It wasn’t until she asked me about it that she realised it was Alvin and he was showing me pictures.


The elluminate session was a great experience and it was a great pleasure to be a part of it but the visitors had to return to Melbourne so they could fly to Perth which meant that they were on a tight time limit and had to leave. Even with the small amount of time I spent with them I learnt so much about their culture and Hong Kong as well as the geopark.

Before they left, on behalf of the students and staff of the school, I presented the visitors with a couple of books about Hawkesdale and the school. They then were kind enough to give us a rock toy which represented something volcanic. The students were so grateful and adored the toys the moment they got them.


After the experience I’ve realised how much you can learn from other people in other countries and that there is so much about other cultures that we don’t know and could learn about. I’m grateful for the experience I was fortunate to be a part and would look forward to doing other things like that. Because I haven’t travelled overseas yet there is so much I don’t know about other countries and don’t realise how different Australia is to other countries.


Mrs Leo and her virtual classroom software

Today, Mrs Leo came from Boston, north eastern USA, into our grade 6 and 7 class. She used “virtual classroom software” which has been developed by an Australian, to share some powerpoint slides, audio, video and chat. Let’s reflect on this amazing lesson and write a post about it.

Here i am anwsering some questions left from Mrs Murch.

  • She showed many slides with pictures of Hawkesdale which she got of the internet and blogs. She showed a picture of Vegemite. She also showed slides with Australian sports like cricket and the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).
  • She asked questions about the sports we play and some of the rules. she tried to compare the sports to the ones where she lives but i didn’t really work. She asked what vegemite tasted like and what we eat it with.
  • I was suprised she compared Vegemite to peanut butter. I don’t like them both.
  • Do you enjoy being in a virtual classroom? I love being in a virtual classroom. It’s good to use technology to learn new stuff. It makes learning fun!
  • What skills do you think we need to develop and improve upon to successfully participate in such a class? We need to have less people around when are in participating. I think there was too many people there.
  • I can see many people using this virtual classroom, especially home school students and when student are sick, so when they come back to school they won’t be left behind.