Holidays over already!

Don’t you just enjoy the holidays! But they go way too fast for my likings! As the saying goes ‘Time flies when you’re having fun!’ I always dread the first day back, even though you get to meet all friends! Seriously, who wants to work after they’ve been on holidays.

On my holidays my cousins which I normally don’t see often came down for a couple days to stay with us. The live in the city so they find the country very interesting. The wildlife and scenery is very different. That’s what I love about the country. It’s so peaceful that you can always hear birds.

After they left we went to Melbourne to catch up with the rest of our cousins. It was really great to see them! They have sooooo MUCH energy! They could run for hours and still they haven’t raised a sweat.

another Holiay


Hey! It’s great to be back onto my blog for the first time for 2009!

There has been some excitement in my family this holidays. Emily, my sister, is not at home at the moment, she isn’t even in Australia! She is all the way overseas at Qatar which is near Saudia Arabia. Emily has kept in touch through skype and a ning. The ning is the reason why she is over there. She over there for a school-based computer project. She and 2 other students from my school have being working on this ning for months. Even though it’s the holidayhs still here in Australia they are at school but having there time of there life.

Hopefully she will bring back presents!

What I want to do!

Before i die i want to travel around the world! I would like to see more of Australia and the world! I would especially like to go to Japan, Africa and France. Firstly I would like to finish uni, work as a journalist and then travel. i would like to take one of my friends with me. I wouldn’t like to travel around the world by myself.

One of the reasons why i would like to travel is because i like to look and be in beautiful and different nature. When I’m at home i like to take pictures of the sunset and then try and draw it. I love looking at the sunset and the nature around me! So it would be nice to observe some other nature around the globe!