Waiting for the train

Here is a video by Christopher Herz. It was filmed when he was waiting for a train in New York.

What is the difference between waiting for a train in New York and waiting for the school bus?

I travel to and from school on the school bus 5 days a week and it is completely different to catching a train in New York. The bus comes and picks me up from my house and I’m the only one who gets on rather then a crowd of people trying to squeeze onto a train. On the bus everybody has their own seats they sit in and usually talk to the person sitting next to them. The train in New York seems very busy and noisy which is quite the opposite to the school bus I travel on.

Waiting for the school bus is a very boring experience. I stand at my front gate waiting for the school bus to arrive with the only sound coming from the kookaburras in the gum trees or the sheep baaing next door. You would never see a sheep or kookaburra in the train station at New York.

In the video there are some buskers playing music. Unless I take my iPod with me the only music I here when waiting for the bus is me singing which isn’t that great! When I go to Melbourne I usually see some buskers and there is a crowd surrounding them. In the video everybody was walking past as they probably see and hear buskers every day.